You probably stumbled upon this page because you find me witty, or intriguing, or pretty. (Oh, all of the above? Omg, you're too kind.) Nice to meet you, let's be best friends. 

I'm Erin, a twenty-something nanny, graphic designer/web developer by day, and jewelry designer by night. I currently work out of a very small home studio* (desk in my room and occasionally the floor) designing, cutting, baking, sanding, drilling, assembling, packing, and mailing each one of your orders.


Don't be fooled by this beautiful website that I totally didn't lose sleep designing. I'm writing this in bed at 1AM with very dirty hair while listening to the same 4 Olivia Rodrigo songs on repeat. I'm just a mess of a girl who relies on dry shampoo more than not, but I'm a mess of a girl who loves making jewelry. I hope you like it, too! And if you don't, well, then you suck. JK. Kinda. ♡ 


HEY, i'm erin.