hey, i'm erin.

You probably stumbled upon this page because you find me witty, or intriguing, or pretty. (Or all of the above? Omg, you're too kind.) Nice to meet you, let's be friends. 


I'm Erin, a twenty-something Florist who's obsessed with adorning her ears and wrists with unique, sparkly jewelry. I have 9 ear piercings and frankly, that's still not enough. I'm also obsessed with the rise of Bill Hader's fame, but we don't have enough time for that rant right now.

Some important info you should know about me:

      - Until recently, I was very against mixing metals, but I'm slowly coming around to the idea (Leandra Medine influenced me)

      - I'm an Aquarius sun, Capricorn moon, and Taurus rising. Basically, I'm stubborn. At least that's what Co-Star told me

      - BIG champion of the Oxford Comma. Both the punctuation mark, and the Vampire Weekend song

      - I talk to my friends more on Twitter than I do in real life

Don't be fooled by this beautiful website that I totally didn't lose sleep over designing. I'm writing this in bed at 1 AM with very dirty hair while listening to the newest episode of Armchair Expert. I'm just a mess of a girl who relies on dry shampoo more often than not, but I'm a mess of a girl who likes making jewelry. I hope you like it, too! And if you don't, well, then you suck, JK. Kinda. ❤