Arch Deco

Arch Deco


Art deco inspired earrings made with gold-dusted red polymer clay. These super shimmery arches are hanging from a pearlescent seafoam green post, making them a beautiful, structural statement earring perfect for the holidays (or any day tbh.) 

  • Handmade Earring Care

    Don't get bent out of shape. These posts are made out of gold plated sterling silver and can be malleable. Bend them back into shape and they will be good as new!

    If your earrings get icky due to makeup, fingerprints, or hair products, gently wipe with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Voila. Sparkly earrings once again. Don't expose your earrings to water (showering or swimming) to avoid tarnishing.

    Due to the nature of polymer clay, color and shape may vary slightly. That just makes each piece unique! One of a kind, made just for you.