Mod About You

Mod About You


Sleek and sculptural with a mix of jadeite and pearl beads, these artful statement earrings bring a subtle elegance to any outfit. Even if the fit is the same oversized tee you haven't changed out of in 3 days (no judement here.) And, no worries, they are light on the lobes.

  • Handmade Earring Care

    Don't get bent out of shape. These posts are made out of gold plated sterling silver and can be malleable. Bend them back into shape and they will be good as new!

    If your earrings get icky due to makeup, fingerprints, or hair products, gently wipe with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Voila. Sparkly earrings once again. Don't expose your earrings to water (showering or swimming) to avoid tarnishing.