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Shipping Policy

I often abandon shopping carts when shipping calculates. Let us thank Amazon Prime for our free shipping entitlement. I charge for shipping because I want to ensure your jewelry isn't damaged in transport. I hand pack your items with the same level of love as a Chipotle employee who wraps your burrito. I process and ship orders within two days of order placement. It's just me running this popsicle stand, but speedy shipping is important to me. That being said, if you need your order ASAP, you can pick up the tab. If you still need to abandon your cart, I feel you. No hard feelings. Shipping is a b*tch. 

Return & Exchange Policy

At this time, I don't offer returns or exchanges. However; if you receive a damaged product, send an email to or DM @st.end_ on instagram for a replacement. 


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If you need to chat, have questions, or wanna discuss the season 2 finale of Succession, hit me up.


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